Monday, November 12, 2012

Gratitude 17

After a brief hiatus I'm back.  I was stressing myself out trying to fit in my daily gratitude and feeling guilty when I couldn't do it each day.  I decided to take a break from typing but still acknowledge to myself what I was feeling my gratitude for today.  Self checks are more simple, easier, yet less vulnerable.  (Plus I was really bent out of shape with all the lies being spread with the election.  I needed to protect myself a bit and slow down.)

This morning I was reading a blog I subscribe to that pointed out something I've been doing for a while now (and feeling better about parts of my daily decisions).  A few years ago I realized that sitting in rush hour traffic is something I just have to do.  I can't carpool, ride a bike, go at a different time.  I just have to accept the inevitable, and go with the flow.  I tune out the emotions of the drivers (and riders) around me and just move with traffic like it's a stream of water.  There's the occasional obstacle I keep my eyes open for and move around.  If I get stuck behind it, I wait.  Eventually I will flow around it.  Sometimes there's a dam.  I find a different route.  I may listen to the radio, I may call someone, I may just be.  It's SO easy to drive to work with this mindset.  The stressors from home are gone.  The stressors from work will be there when I arrive.  But in the car (or minivan) time just is.  Of course I fall off the wagon some days but overall, I have enjoyed my little bit of me time.

Now to have more personal success with other moments in my day...

Here's the link to the blog that I find particularly useful.