Friday, November 26, 2010

The Thanksgiving Family Photo Attempts (aka Herding Cats)

Grandma Christine's House

Not bad, but let's try again. 
We tried so hard.

Grandpa John & Grandma Sandy's House
Here we go...again.  Not too bad.

We tried harder.  

Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Big Snow

Ella taught Indi the finer points of eating snow.  It was good eatin' snow too!  Notice where Indigo's right hand mitten is located.  Watch that hand.  


Future Nobel Prize winner for literature and model.

Mmm.  Snow.  Need bigger chuck.

I like snow.  Geez my hand hurts so bad.  

Actually, when the girls came in from playing (I mean eating) Indi was distraught and holding her hand out to us.  She was looking outside, crying and wouldn't let us hold her hand to warm it up.  We realized that she wasn't crying about her cold hand, she thought her mitten was lost out in the snow.  As soon as we showed her both mittens were in the house the tears subsided.  She is a funny little person.