Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas with the Gilbertsons'

Greg, Jessica, Jared, Krista, John, Lydia and Chuck.

Jessica, Chuck, Mom (Gammi and Ellie), Jared and Lydia

Happy posing for a nice picture in front of Mom's Christmas tree.

Ashley hanging out before dinner and gifts.

Hailey playing and keeping busy.

Ethan posing. Really?

Ashely and Ella agreeing to pose for a picture.

High School Musical 2 dolls for Ashley and Ella. We didn't see much of them after they got the dolls. Chad and Taylor are the names of the dolls.
Sophie had a tough time waiting to open her gift. The time finally arrived.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Some funny stuff overheard in the Daugherty house today, Friday November 7, 2008.

Ella: "Why does it feel like Saturday today?"
John: "Because you don't have school?"
Ella: "No."
And that is the end...

Happy: "Cool, Chewbacka can use the Force!"
John: "I didn't know Chewbacka could use the Force."
Happy: "Me either."
Ella: "Can Princess Leia use the Force?"
Happy: "I don't know."

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hap turns 9!

The big guy turned 9 and had a fun sleepover with a couple of good buddies. Lots of talking, tek decking, laughing, eating and playing happened. Happy Birthday Happy!

Grandpa John, Sandy and Joe stopped by also.
The ultimate of the birthday was when Happy's cousin Sophie napped through dinner. She got some grub later and was sitting by the birthday cake. Unknown to the adults...she helped herself to some cake. Actually, about 1/3! Next is a lovely video so you, too, can enjoy the carnage!

Is it a boy or a girl?

The kids could hardly wait to find out if we're having a baby sister or a baby brother. I did get them to sit still for a nice photo. Next is a short video of the kiddos finding out...enjoy.

Warning: Spoiler Alert. If you don't want to know...don't watch! Ha!