Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The addition/remodel is well underway with a long delay in photos. Here's what I DO have to share. We're 13 weeks out from the baby's due date today. Can't wait to get to the sheet rocking portion of this job. That means we'll be able to paint shortly after that!

Friday January 23rd. John and his cousin Jake got all the insulation up on the exterior walls and chalk-lined (is that a word?) the stud layout for the floor so they could get busy on Saturday.
The below photo shows the same corner (to be used as storage) at the end of the weekend. John Sr., brother Nick and Jake helped out to frame and run electrical.

Here's the space that will be Happy's new bedroom. Again, insulated on Friday and then moved on to framing and some electrical over the course of the weekend.

Approximate dimensions are 14'6" x 7' to 9' (there's a bump into his room to accommodate a proposed shower in the new laundry room. There are no pictures of the new laundry yet. Nor walls. But there is a toilet!
I'll have more shots come superbowl weekend. Feel free to join us in the fun.